Immobilizer Emulator Renault + Application Gratis

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  Immobilizer Emulator

  For cars Renault
  without CAN comunication
  cat. no. : 2401

Emulator supports Renault without CAN:
  - Syrius 32
        - Syrius 34 1,4 1,6 2,0
        - 1,9 Dti 1 wtyczka
        - 1,9 Dti 2 wtyczki
        - 1,9D DCU3R
        - 1,5 1,9 2,2 2,5 DCi
        - 2,8 TD
        - 3,0 benzyna 1 wtyczka
        - EMS3132



If it is necessary do not forget to to make changes in controller memory.

We have got for You special application for making changes in controller memory - Fenix Immo Binary Prepary. It automaticaly change proper values in specified file. Application will be send cost free on email after buying an emulator.


 Choosing Fenix Electronics company gives you product of our own technical concept - modern project, author's solutions in electronics and softwere, precision engineering and free technical help. Everything supported by many years of experience in autoelectronics and central heating industry. 
   Emulators were made on the basis of the stable and efficient 32 bits STM32 processor. 
   The set contains:
   -  emulator with UY wire connector
   - installation manual   
   - giveaways from company :)