Fenix Autotester v2 - starter + 185€ for licenses

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Fenix Autotester v2

Device with licenses worth up to 185 euro.

(Money will be add to Fenix Autotester application.) 

1. Fenix Autotester v2 – diagnostic device.
2. Set of universal wires.
3. Fenix HUB  to connect with computer.
4. Fenix Administrator application for Windows-based PC.
5. Operating manual with warranty card.






Fenix Autotester is diagnostic device using in car service stations. It is designed for activate car components to check its technical efficiency. Depending of which part is connected the device allows to: Start-up (function test), manual control, display errors from a device memory, erase errors. Autotester interacts with the car components due to the bus CAN, LIN, PWM, VAN.

Buy a starter and choose most suitable license.

Autotester supports:

-power steering pump

-steering column

-radiator cooling fan

-dashboards and displays


- EGR valve

of selected car brands.

Fenix Autotester has been designed to quick and easy develop already owned gear without sending it back to producer. Amount of supported car parts depends on purchased licenses. It allows to freely customize abilities of Autotester depending on service station needs. It means that customer pays only for licenses that he needs, but also can buy later additional licenses to expand Autotester with new abilities. Included PC program allows to free update Autotester’s software and owned licenses.

Choose and pay only for licenses that you need.



Bought licenses for specific devices are permanent.

Possible updates of owned licenses are free.

Licenses are assigned to specific device with unique serial number, is not possible to transfer license to another device.

Changes in „Customer data” bookmark do not cause lost of already registered licenses.

Moving bought updates to other device for example due to damage is possible only after previous send back damaged device to producer.


Download Fenix Application and manuals: