The Service Provider in online shop at the address www.autoemulator.com is firm -
FENIX K. Skowronski general partnership based in ul. Strzałkowska 6, 62-230 Witkowo, NIP: 784-250-25-62, KRS:0000656235


The contact with the Store is possible via e-mail address fenix@sterowniki.co or contact form available on website www.autoemulator.com.


The subject of provided service is sale/purchase contract .


The information placed on the website shall not constitute a commercial offer 
as defined by the Civil Code, but shall be an invitation to make an offer.


The costs of the delivering and receiving are at the expense of the client.


The technical requirements for using the service is access to computer with website browser and connection to Internet.


The consumer can withdraw from the sales agreement within 15 days counting from the day of delivering the item.


Warranty procedure is included in warranty card. Customer can make a complaint for 2 years if there is mismatch in product. Place of the submitting the complaints is firm mentioned in §1.


Prerequisite for the conclusion of a contract is that buyer need to send an offer using form on store website (or by email, phone) and shop need to accept this offer.


Client shall be entitled to pay the price at the timeof receipt of goods
 or in the form of a prepayment by transfer to the indicated bank account of the seller.


The price shall become binding for both parties at the moment of placing an Order by the Customer.  The standard period for order realization is 2 working days(not later than within 30 days).


Delay of picking up the good will be debit for storage of goods by amount 1 PLN for each day of delay.


Provider (shop) may not accept the purchase offer without giving any reason.


The personal data are being protected from general public (according Polish Laws from 29th September 1997 “Law on Protection  of Personal Data” (Journal of Laws No 133 pos. 883).


In unsettled matters in these Terms of use shall apply in particular 
the provisions of the services by electronic means and the Civil Code.